June 11, 2020 Women Excelling Monthly Meeting

Women Excelling is proud to present Heather Uczynski, owner/operator of Leading Edge Business Consulting, who will share “The Emotional Intelligence Advantage”. Heather will define emotional intelligence (“EQ”) and identify its components. She will demonstrate the importance of EQ in both the workplace and personal life and illustrate the connection between EQ and leadership. Heather will lead the members through a mini-EQ test to determine their own personal level of EQ.

Heather has been working as a business psychologist and executive coach for the past 10 years has assisted many people in making a successful transition to management, as well as coaching those who have needed to take their people skills to the next level. She has developed a specialty in the field of emotional intelligence. She believes passionately in the importance of ensuring employees are in the right positions, then treating them well, and rewarding them for good performance. Heather also provides hiring consultation services where she uses an online assessment to help organizations make sure they are hiring and promoting the right people. She also helps companies to resolve workplace conflicts that threaten to undermine productivity and profits.

Heather enjoys training on various employee-related topics, as well as speaking engagements. She is known for her energetic, interactive style and for infusing humor into her presentations.

June 11, 2020 from 8:00 am to 9:00 am

All are welcome to attend this on-line video event.  There is no cost for the event but registration will be required by contacting Terri Hill at terri@twohills.consulting no later than June 9th.